Friday, December 19, 2014

7 Adorable Homemade Clay as Decorative Ornament

A room will look boring without some decorative ornaments. You can complete you room décor by displaying some stunning decorations.

If you want to make you room more attractive, you can display homemade clay. Moreover, it can be gorgeous decoration because it has unique and different look.

The clay that is not made in massive production comes with a distinctive fineness. You can order it from professional craftsmen or even make your own clays.To make homemade crafts is not easy, so that these clays are sold in high price. However, the price is fit with the beautiful look of clays that you will get.

how to make homemade clay – Salt Dough Tags

how to make homemade clay - Salt Dough Tags

detail Instructions here

Homemade Clay Oil Lamps, >> instructions 

Homemade Clay Oil Lamps

homemade modeling clay for christmas ornaments

homemade modeling clay for decorations

Step by step to make this adorable decorations

homemade modeling clay for christmastornaments

Follow the Tutorials

homemade clay ornaments -heart bunting

homemade clay ornaments -heart bunting

Follow this instructions here

homemade clay recipe-cloud clay

homemade clay recipe-cloud clay

All you need to make this Cloud Clay is >> here

homemade clay recipe- the magic


7 Adorable Homemade Clay as Decorative Ornament

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