Monday, December 15, 2014

8 Creative & Wonderful DIY bracelet

You will agree that women cannot be separated with some beautiful accessories to support their appearance. There are various accessories that can enhance someone’s look like headband, earring, necklace, watch, and bracelet.

Moreover, bracelet is not only used by women, but men also use it sometimes to make their look more stylish and trendy. You can buy bracelet in any accessories store, or even you can make your own customized design bracelet.

If you want to get great ideas, you might look at some designs of DIY bracelet.There are a lot of design ideas of bracelet based on materials, decorations, colors, and styles.

diy bracelets macrame

DIY Bracelet - Tutorial for chain and suede bracelet found on


2. Diy friendship bracelets

lovely diy friendship bracelets

diy friendship bracelets tutorial

3. Diy bracelet holder

DIY Bracelet Holder instructions :


4. Diy rubber band bracelets

diy rubber band bracelets

5. DIY  Leather Bracelet

DIY Leather Bracelet found on




8 Creative & Wonderful DIY bracelet

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